Title Les Parasites

Patricia (Sabine Bail) is a so romantic young girl !
She believes in true love and dreams of her boy friend of a nigth one year later, Oulage (Oulage Abour), who, under the moon under a tree, like an honeymoon but only for her, writes his name until climax to her blank page.
With her family, for the New Year, she visits him to his mother who would to be her step-mother.
«Happy New Year Oulache !»
«a little present»
«Mister Wurtz, you make this sort of shoes now, a santiag ?»
«Yeah ! but be carefull, Wurtzi's santiag...»
But suddenly, when the dinner is just finished :
«You don't stay with us a little more ? Therefore take Patricia with you»
«Sorry, I can't. Look ! I'm disguised in Mandrake ! She needs...»
And his mother gives to her, beautifully, her wedding dress...
Then, together disguised, in the road on the party...
He really wants to leave her in the lurch, and he finds to forget her in a Karaoke club ! Poor Patricia ! So naive ! Alone ! Completly alone, just with two barmaids.
She pockets this insult with "The démons of midnight", a terrific song !
But he neglets his invitation-card.... and after lots of peregrinations he arrives at last to his party, all his bad friends are there making a foolish ambiance and Patricia says everything not to say to his girl friend Brigitte (Estelle Skornik):
«Who are you ? Oulage's friend ?»
«not exactly... I am her fiancée but it is a secret...»
Sabine Bail, Catherinne Adam, Oulage
Sabine Bail


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DVD cult (2003- 21 August) with shorts movies by Atmen Kelif
and exclusives interviews by Sabine Bail sold in Amazone.fr